Flashy Friday: The NDA

“What do you mean, you signed a contract?” Miles stared at Tess from the other side of the table, disbelief narrowing his eyes. “Not a contract,” she rasped. “A nondisclosure agreement. I’m not allowed to talk about Mr. Feeney’s affairs to anyone, not even my own family.” Tess’s face blanched a little, her eyes widening […]

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Flashy Friday: The More Deserving

“How many is this for them? Eight? Nine?” “Eleven,” Ecor sighed. “Eleven. It’s… a travesty. No one can take care of eleven children, not even the richest of men.” Niss stared down at the hovel, spying two of older children huddled together and shivering beneath a moth-eaten burlap sack they were using to keep warm. […]

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Flashy Friday: The Wall

The masons worked quickly, layering thick slabs of stone across the barbed fence while the guardsman patrolled the eastern quadrant. They monitored their progress for three days straight, one of them always watching until they knew every step of their routine.   It would only take another four days, five at the most, before the […]

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