Flashy Friday: The Secret Pages

I have no choice but to leave this with you and ask that you keep it safe for as long as possible. Your life, and the lives of so many others depend upon it. I won’t tell you not to be afraid. You have every right to your fears. Terror breeds vigilance, vigilance will keep you safe, at least for a little while, anyway. Cling to it, and hold the secrets in its pages close because if this book falls into the wrong hands, that’s it. For everyone. Including you.

My father is dead. Carlisle, too. You will, no doubt, want to know the details, but telling you would not change anything. Dead is dead, and I don’t think I can relive it again, not so soon after writing it all down. If I’m still alive when all is said and done, then I will tell you everything I remember, but for now just know death was the only mercy they were given, and only after a long and unspeakable dance with the torturer.

They were both too close. They made too many mistakes, and were bound to get burned, but it was so much more than that. They didn’t just burn; they went up in smoke, their ashes drifting on the wind until they scattered. They’ll be forgotten. Even now I find my own memory faltering. No one else will remember them, no one but you and me, and only because it’s all been written in the pages. How awful is that? To be wiped from the world as though you were never a part of it at all?

I fear the same fate awaits me.

book of secretsAnd that’s why you have to take this. I’m all my father left behind, and if… no, not if. When something happens to me, this whole thing will get swept under a carpet and dismissed. My entire family, and everything we stood for, will disappear.

But you won’t let them. I know you won’t let my memory, or this cause fade. You understand what’s at stake. You’ve seen the things they can do. You’ve stood beside me since we were children, and I know you will not fail me now.

I still remember everything, just as you do. They want us to forget, but how could we? We saw too much, things children should never have to see. We endured such hardship, but because of you I can still look back on my youth and feel I had the chance to be a child, a chance very few are ever given in this world.

Thank you for that, and for doing this.

It’s wrong of me to ask you to carry this burden, my  friend. I’m sorrier than you’ll ever know, but I have no other choice. You’re the only one left who can make this right, and I do still believe it can be made right.

If I fall, please, don’t let me be forgotten.  Don’t let the truth die with me. Write down everything in the book. When the time comes, give it to someone you trust and ask them to do the same. It’s the only way we’ll be remembered.

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