Exercise Fantasy

Now that the weather has changed, the humidity and heat finally yielding to the cool and colorful dying days of autumn, the mere thought of exercise doesn’t annoy me near as much as it did just a couple weeks ago. I know it is a necessity, regardless of the weather’s kindness, so I prepared to head into the void for 47 minutes today by queuing up a couple of promising tales from Nightmare Magazine podcast.

The first tale I chose came from their December 2017 issue. “Will You Meet me There, Out Beyond the Bend” by Matthew Kressell was a delightfully sad story about a woman who finds herself lost after discovering her husband is having an extramarital affair with a therapist on the other side of town. Forgetting her name, her purpose, she wanders lost until in her infinite and fiery rage she remembers.

That delightful tale wasn’t quite long enough to sustain me in the exercise void, so I followed it up with Nino Cipri’s “Which Super Little Dead Girl™ Are You? Take Our Quiz and Find Out!” The style of Cipri’s story was wonderfully executed, carrying the reader/listener through a pop quiz questionnaire like you might find online or in a magazine. Such a fun story, despite the tragedy it poked and prodded at.

Both of these stories are available on the Nightmare Magazine site and podcast, so if they sound like something you might be interested in, either to help you fantasize through your own workout, or to entertain you when you should probably be doing something else, I recommend them both.

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