Here I Go Again

If you frequently visit my website, you likely had trouble accessing the pages a few days ago and probably received some trashed up message about the site being suspended (AGAIN).

With the post no longer available to point you toward, let me re-explain what happened here. About six weeks ago my husband and I started experiencing problems with the hosting service for our websites. Apparently, some malicious spambots had gotten into his site, destroyed and contaminated his files, and began leaking their malignant nastiness into both my fanfiction site (formerly and my author site. We did everything in our power to get rid of the monsters, including removing my fanfiction site permanently, but about two weeks later the spambots (who’d never actually left in the first place) were back, and doing an even more devious number on my husband’s site. The result this time was even more devastating, and I lost all the content I’d built up on this site over the last several years.

With the help of a friend, I found a way to grab the content of a few essays and stories I’d written, but re-adding all the lost content was a task so overwhelming, I wasn’t even going to attempt to try. That being said, I kept my chin up and began adding new content only to discover Saturday, during a writer’s class I was taking, my husband’s site was targeted again and our hosting service, who had no real interest in helping us clean up the problem or install proper security measures to prevent, shut down everything on our server. All of the content I shared over the last several weeks was once again lost because the hosting company refused to give us the backup for my site after canceling our service with them.

So… We flipped that hosting service a mighty bird after giving them directions to the fiery pits of hell where they could suffer infernally for all eternity, and I found a new webhost that actually offered security and malware protection. Combined with the cost to host my site, it is costing me about $3 less a month than I was paying that useless alligator.

I’m a billion percent secure now, with no worries about spambots trying to ruin my life. I have a brand new host that actually cares about protecting the customers who pay them, and I’ll be carrying on with new content as often as I am able. Exercise Fantasy, Flashy Friday, book reviews, and So Many Levels updates each week will all continue as though nothings happened, and I may once more add the essays that were lost and the flash fiction I posted prior, but I will not be digging too deep to pull old content back to the site. I am planning to do NaNoWriMo this year, so hopefully I’ll have some time to blog about that as well.

I’m taking this hint from the universe that it is obviously time to move on and begin anew, so the site itself got a little face lift, a new layout and some fun new features I’m excited to take advantage of.

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