So Many Levels Episode 75: Hunting for a Bargain

Those who made the journey to Oosh Bithra for supplies hadn’t really put a whole lot of thought into the actual supplies they went hunting for, as the heroes’ arrival was met with a rather catchy fey tune and the destruction of the world’s Spirit Turtle marching on command of those same fey through the city. After defeating the fey minions on the Spirit Turtle’s back and aiding a few of the town folk (because honestly, how bad would those heroes have looked if they showed up at the Armory all like, “yeah, so, sucks about your problems, but is my armor ready”?), and then stopping in Autarchy’s favorite tavern for a drink, it was time to get serious about those supplies.

Autarchy, Alaric, Kett and Cadence put together a rather thorough list, the most important item on said list obviously being the pig Cadence wanted to pick up so they could cook and eat it back at the Shadowfell Ranch. Oh, Cadence, how silly that idea was of you because not long after the heroes finished their shopping and began making their way back to the portal, they encountered the Lord of the Hunt and a few of his shadow wolf minions, and whew, was that guy ever determined to stop them from leaving.

Running for their lives, carrying that precious pig (whom Cadence foolishly named Robert,) when his little legs turned to jelly from all that fleeing, the Heroes of Legend barely escaped. But have no fear! They are, after all, the Heroes of Legend + Robert & Arwen! Culminating in a glorious showdown, you won’t want to miss how it all went down!

So, if you were so busy washing your hair that you missed last week’s action-packed race through the city on So Many Levels, have no fear! You can catch up on YouTube or listen to the podcast before tomorrow night’s episode starts at 7:30 PM Eastern! Join us live on Twitch and don’t forget to say hi in the chat! We love to see you there cheering us on.

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