Exercise Fantasy

The stories I’d lined up for Friday’s motivating exercise fantasy did not really live up to my expectations. I found myself easily distracted, wondering when they would hurry up and be done so i could hurry up and be done, which is not exactly… well… motivating when you’re trudging through your afternoon workout. Not every story is going to resonate, and I know the authors who wrote them have written other stories I liked just fine, so I’m not going to dis them here by announcing my horrendous time trying to get through my workout.

Fortunately, the stories on today’s exercise agenda were much better. I started out with the first part in a three part novella by Kelly Robson called “The Waters of Versailles“. Featured in Podcastle 542, I was intrigued from the start, though I did begin to wonder how a story about toilets was going to keep my fidgety attention span in check. As the story progressed and the instigator of the issue Sylvain faces became much clearer, I found myself delighted and eager to listen to part two. Unfortunately, I only allot 50 minutes for my workouts right now, so part two is going to have to wait until Monday.

With almost ten minutes left in my workout, I hopped over to The Other Stories, a Hawk & Cleaver Podcast, and listened to Josh Curran’s “Daniel Johnson“. Just under twenty minutes long, this bizarre and twisted little tale saw me through to the end of my workout and into cool down.

Tomorrow is a resting day, but I am excited to get to Monday so I can listen to part two of “The Waters of Versailles”.

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