So Many Levels Episode 76: Haunted Hangout


Previously, on last week’s episode of “Real World Shadowfell”, the Heroes of Legend found themselves with a bit of time on their hands to process everything that happened over the last few days, and in the face of that opportunity Nirakina managed to draw Cadence aside while scoping out the upper level of the keep to have a little heart to heart about the Stolen Moment and the things she sort of learned from Zoareth, and that looming damned if we do, damned if we don’t task that awaits their careful execution (literally? an execution? OMG, maybe!) It was clearly the

beginning of a beautiful friendship painted in forks of lightning, which may or may not eventually be dubbed TEAM SPARKLE KITTY!

Meanwhile, Kett, Alaric, and Autarchy discovered a strange hidden chamber with some kind of ritual table lurking in the darkness while patrolling the lower level of the keep, and when Kett attempted to pull a Kett-typical practical joke on Alaric by shutting him in the room, he quickly got pwned by the surly dwarf.

In the end, their search of the keep proved mostly uneventful, with no real threats detected, and after a lovely meal and few more conversations,  the heroes went their separate ways to tend to the feeding of their vastly accumulating collection of pets and potentially take an eight hour nap. Upon waking after a seemingly uneventful night’s rest, Nira used her strange cleric powers to make pancakes for everyone, and as the heroes convened in the hall to break their fast, they began to notice some rather large and strange repairs that occurred sometime in the night.

Pretty sure this is exactly what the magic pancakes Nira made for Cadence looked like.

While discussing the bizarre and sudden cleanliness that seemed to happen while they slept, Alaric scoffed at whatever powers might be responsible and wished for a tankard of ale to go with his breakfast. All I’m gonna say is maybe the heroes should be careful what they wish for because I’m starting to think these mysterious gifts are going to come at a price none of them are entirely willing to pay.

Maybe you were so busy carving your jack-o-lantern last Wednesday that you weren’t able to join us live for So Many Levels, but worry not, my friends! You can catch up on YouTube or listen to the podcast before tomorrow night’s episode starts at 7:30 PM Eastern! And once you get all caught up, join us live on Twitch Wednesday, October 24. Give us a wave in the chat so we know you’re with us in spirit! Hey, maybe it was you messing with things in the keep. If it was, keep up the good work. You did an outstanding job fixing that table, and I bet Alaric is just going to love that tankard of ale you fetched for him.


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