So Many Levels Episode 77: Shadowfell Showdown

Last Wednesday was quite likely our last game for a bit, as our illustrious Dungeon Master, Christiana, has been summoned forth to another continent for her dayjob. That being said, she had some serious plans in place to pit the Heroes of Legend up against their own choices once and for all, as they were forced to decide who they were going to follow regarding the Stolen Moment.

This was an exciting, battle-heavy episode, but fortunately the Heroes were rejoined by Amethyst, who climbed her way back to her friends via the self-same world tree Cadence and Kett once climbed in order to travel the planes. Without much time to discuss how she arrived, the group banded together against minions of the Shadow Queen who oversees the realm of the Shadowfell where Zoareth chose to make his hideaway. When Her Majesty demanded a sacrifice as tribute after the Heroes took down her minions, most of the group seemed hells bent on sacrificing Cadence’s pig, Robert. While Cadence tried to explain to Robert what the group wanted to do to him and how he might very well become a hero, Alaric’s mysterious construct hand got a little angry with him for not telling it what it wanted. After some serious thinking, Alaric noted that he just wanted the Queen to go away and leave the heroes alone, at which point she mysteriously disappeared.

Breaking down Zoareth’s warded door with a dispel magic, the Heroes rushed in to find he’d managed to waken and shackle their imprisoned guest, but as Melicanth began talking, the Heroes began to question Zoareth’s plan and whether or not his was the only way to restore balance to the universe. Much to Nirakina’s dismay, obviously, because she’s a thing for broody genasi types with complicated histories. Forced to decide between her friends and the broody genasi she’s come to quietly care for, Nirakina didn’t have much time to decide between her friends and her heart’s desire before Zoareth pushed things to the next level, intent on taking Melicanth, the Stolen Moment, and fleeing the Shadowfell.

This was such a great episode you guys, with so many of Christiana’s plans weaving together effortlessly. It was almost like she planned this ALL ALONG! Oh, wait, I think she probably did.

As I mentioned above, it may be a bit before the next episode, as our wonderful DM is beholden to other responsibilities, but you better believe we are all looking for a way to make this temporary overseas separation work for everyone’s schedules.

In the meantime, you’ve got plenty of time to catch up with the 76 episodes that came before this one if you haven’t already done so, and be on the lookout for an update because I will certainly let you know when we are scheduled to play our next game.

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