So Many Levels Episode 78: Inflection Point

It’s been a literal age since I had something to share with you on the So Many Levels front. With Christiana working in Korea for the last month, we were mostly unable to pull our schedules together to play, but last Wednesday we were back in action and right in the thick of it, facing off against Zoareth and Jinxie in an effort to protect the Moment-Stealing fey. It occurred to many in the party during attempted negotiations right before the virtual crap hit the fan that they’d only heard two options on restoring the Stolen Moment, and their inability to snap to his plot immediately without question seemed to push Zoareth over the edge.

Nira was not happy about this, obviously, being forced on the spur of the moment to choose between a potential love interest and her party, but in the end she decided the only option was to get Melicanth as far away from Zoareth as possible until we can sort out exactly what to do with that Stolen Moment. Enraged by her betrayal, and by the rest of the party’s choice to stick him with daggers and arrows, all while punching him with Bigby’s Hand, Zoareth and Jinxie made themselves scarce, throwing whatever they could at the heroes through the portal Zoareth warned Amethyst not to follow him into. All Cadence seemed to care about was getting to Kett, who’d Dimension Doored away at the end of Episode 77, throwing herself straight into the thick of it after firing off a few shots at Jinxie.

Of course, Alaric was unconscious for Zoareth’s warning, so shortly after regaining consciousness (and a single hit point,) he dove into the portal to what the rest of the party can only assume will be his doom. It all sort of went crazy from there. Actually, it started out on the crazy side, but it was so much fun. Wanna find out what happens before tuning in tonight? Check out the video below to get all caught up.

And I hope you’ll join us in the chat tonight as we stream live on Twitch. We launch at 7:30PM Eastern Time, and you’re always more than welcome to join us, cheer us on, or mock our nonsensical choices. We always love to have you along for the journey with us!


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