Flashy Friday: The Lost City of Dagon

Even with the strange breathing apparatus, Dr. Yuna Song was sure she would hyperventilate. Excitement quickened her heart rate; her whole body trembled. The stream of bubbles escaping her air tube obscured H’tkeh’s strange, alien face when she turned to them and tried to smile around the the cumbersome mouthpiece.

H’tkeh reached out and took her hand, then they signed into the doctor’s palm: In all your years teaching such things at the University, did you ever believe you would actually walk the streets of the lost city of Dagon?

She started to nod, certain she had always believed, but as she scanned the endless city stretching for miles in front of her, she knew that would be a lie. She’d expected to die unsatisfied, like so many of her Miskatonic colleagues before.

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