Flashy Friday: Ride Like the Wind

The sisters three made a sport of watching escaped riders race through Drottning’s domain, anticipating their attempts at freedom despite knowing it to be futile. Sometimes they even took bets on how close the riders might actually come to reaching the very edge of Förbjudna. The sisters rarely interfered, fearing Drottning’s wrath, though they took some pleasure in the wild-eyed anticipation of Drottning’s prey. That day, Illvilja seemed determined to grant the rider a boon. Gently stretching her hand just out of Drottning’s ever-watchful eye, Illvilja reached toward the rider and whispered, “Rid som vinden.” The wind stirred at her command, and the sisters watched on, surprised as the horse dashed just beyond Drottning’s grip at the edge of her domain.

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