Flashy Friday: Lost

Drunye had no idea how long she’d been traveling through the forest. She hadn’t noticed when the weather shifted, if it had been subtle or outright because being lost had a way with messing with one’s mind, and she hadn’t been thinking clearly for hours… for about as long as she’d been lost, now that she thought of it. She began following the somber notes of a violin, subtle at first but gradually growing louder as she approached. At last stumbling into the small clearing, guided by the flickering candlelight spread across a dining table with no guests, she looked up into the trees for the source of the music and saw no one, no speakers or wires. 

Her grandmother told her when she was little to avoid such places if she were ever lost in the woods, for they were fey traps. Never set so much as a toe into the circle of their trap, and above all eat none of their offerings. But it’d been hours, and Drunye was tired. More than that, she was starving, and the tiny cakes displayed on the platters looked so tempting. Glancing around again for anyone who might be watching from afar, she saw no signs. Stepping across the threshold and up to the table, she drew her gaze around again and decided if no one saw her, what harm could there be in taking just a little bite?

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  1. I always enjoy your Flashy Friday posts. Such a lovely little story, really gets the imagination going and always leaves me wanting just a little bit more. ♥ Might try my hand at this one of these Fridays!

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