Flashy Friday: 4198, Year of the Goatrab Bit

Captain’s log; Stardate 4198, Year of the Goatrab Bit: It never fails to surprise me how far cultural similarities travel through the cosmos. Out here on the cusp of the Myceneaen Cluster, millions of light years away from Earth, we discovered an entire planetary system, three habitable worlds teeming with life dancing to the tune of three different eras nearly identical to historical periods of Earth’s Japan. Thus far, we have avoided what appears to be the Sengoku stage of the second cluster, as we are relatively certain contact would disrupt the fragile structure of their ecology. Instead, we study them from afar, as clan wars devastate the land. It is our hope that increased contact with the first planet in the system–a Heiseic world terrorized by kaiju–will grant us further insight into the unique evolution of this cluster.

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