The Witcher: Of Flesh and Flame by Alecksandra Motyka

I’ve been spending a lot of time on other projects, and have been absolutely swamped with work, and when that happens I don’t get to do nearly as much reading for pleasure as I’d like to do. Fortunately, there are comic books to tide me over when I have less reading leisure time. Even more fortunate is the fact that Dark Horse Comics tends to publish comics for just about every single video game I’ve ever loved with all my heart.

As a huge fan of the Witcher, both the games and the books, I gobble up Witcher comics whenever they come out. The most recent offering, Of Flesh and Flame, written by Alecksandra Motyka and illustrated by Marianna Strychowska almost slipped by my radar. I’d been having issues with my iPad and hadn’t been logging into my app for some time, but the acquisition of a new iPad had me restoring comics and discovering I’d nearly missed the entire four story arc’s final issue. We don’t have a local comic shop in our area anymore, so I tend to rely on digital comics from Dark Horse’s handy dandy app.

Resolving the fact that I was three issues behind, I devoured them all just days before the release of issue #4, the final installment of the arc.

I enjoyed the story, which saw my favorite Witcher drawn once more into trouble by Dandelion’s antics. When the duo are are whisked away via magic trunk to the far-off land of Ofier beyond their own continent, they’re pulled into a mysterious disturbance in the king’s court among his concubines. This was the kind of witcher story I almost imagined Dandelion embellishing after-the-fact because as-per-usual, he tried very hard to be heroic. Like every good bard, however, he knows he can’t outshine his hero companion. Despite being drawn to distant lands, the familiar relationship between the friends made it comfortable, and the addition of other beloved characters gave me a satisfied feeling.

Absolutely loved this story, a setting drawing from events in CD Projekt Red’s Witcher universe, and gave all four issues 5 out of 5 stars. What can I say? I’m a sucker for Geralt, and even more of a sucker when it comes to Dandelion’s antics.

Now, if I could just find time to finish Andrzej Sapkowski’s standalone Witcher sidequel, Season of Storms, everything would by perfect!


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