Flashy Friday: From the Wall

He was supposed to be tutoring the boy, teaching him the fundamentals of rulership and government, about the provinces surrounding his kingdom, and the art of managing the crown’s finances because it was important that a ruler never allow someone else to do all the work. It was how mischief was made, how greedy fools sought to take advantage of young kings.
Alas, His Majesty was only a boy, and he cared very little for such ‘boring subjects’, as he called them. He ordered Humpty to tell him stories of bloody battles and great wars from his perch on the wall, and the tutor complied. He wove whatever wisdom he could into the tales he told as the child king marched across the courtyard on his wooden pony shouting commands at the shrubberies. Deep down he liked to think that one day those bits of wisdom would return when the king most needed them.

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