Flashy Friday: Endcaller’s Eve

Each year on Endcallers Eve, the priesthood sent three of their finest to the Hell Gates to reinforce the seals. Brother Mulvor no longer took the task seriously. He’d been Brother Dalos’ age his first trip, and remembered how eager he’d been. How he trembled as old Brother Somnali sent him forward to pronounce the blessings, a part of him terrified the beasts beyond the gates would rattle the ancient chains in protest.

Brother Mulvor shook his head and grinned when Brother Beskov mimicked the clicking sound demons were said to make, biting back a chuckle as he watched Brother Dalos startle. Without looking back at them, the young man began to pray, calling upon each of the nine to reinforce the seal. Even if it was pointless, even if nothing actually lurked behind those gates any longer, it made everyone feel safer when the final words were spoken.

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