Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 2

Today was a pretty solid day for writing. I am a little bit behind on daily word count goals on my Camp NaNoWriMo project, but I more than made up for it with the short story I started working on for an anthology I want to submit to later this month.

I’m in the early honeymoon stage with this project, though. You know, where everything feels new and exciting. I’m getting to know my characters, feeling out their personalities and coming to understand their motivations. It’s like we just boarded the plane to Hawaii with butterflies in our stomachs and starry-eyed wonder at all the exciting things we’ll see together in our new life.

All in all, I wrote about 3000 words total today between, which is a huge step in the ‘write’ direction. I’d love to keep writing now that I’m finding my groove, but it’s Tuesday, and I’ve got to go play D&D in a couple hours.

Back at it tomorrow and planning to surpass minimum goals so I’m on track. I hope you’re meeting all your personal goals, be they in writing, or another endeavor.

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