Camp NaNoWriMo – Day 6

To say I have any idea what I’m doing with this Camp NaNoWriMo experience would be an absolute lie. I have a significant portion of my novel project planned, but every time I sit down to write, I end up working on a short story. And not the same short story, mind you, but new ones that just come barging into my brain and establish their dominance until I have no choice but to listen and transcribe.

I totally made this deliciousness

I wrote very little yesterday because we got together with family in the afternoon to party like we’d won our independence from the Crown. I made a bunch of food, including the yummiest blueberry lasagna I ever had and some pretty banging mac and cheese.

This morning, as soon as I sat down I found an anthology I’d like to submit to near the end of summer and my brain just started yammering, so I started writing. I wrote more in one sitting today than I have in a while, so I’ll take it.

I’m blaming the holiday weekend and the fact that I am still adjusting to an entirely new schedule, but let it be known this doesn’t mean I’m giving up. It just means I’m moving more slowly than I’d like to on my novel, but hey… I’m writing, so let’s not split hairs because I don’t write nearly as often as I once did, and every moment with a pen in my hand or my fingers poised over the keys feels like a triumph of sorts.

And… the day’s still young. I’ve got several hours left to tap into this creative well and make sparks fly, so we’ll see what happens.

Hope you’re creative endeavors are bearing lots of fruit!


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