New Fiction Coming July 24!

It’s been a few months since I released a new short story, and with all those beach vacations on the horizon for a lot of people I figured it was my civic duty to provide folks with something to read between shark sightings, late summer fireworks, and waiting for your favorite android to finish grilling burgers and dogs for the barbecue that’s about to go down in your back yard.

Regardless of your reason for passing the time this summer, I hope you’ll pass it with my new short story, “Surprise! You’re An Android”,  which is all set to release on Wednesday, July 24, 2019 at midnight!


Rebecca hates that her sister-in-law expects the whole family to lie to Uncle Henry about what he is. He isn’t really a person anymore, and he hasn’t been for a while now. They shouldn’t be expected to treat him like he’s still family, but the kids all love him as much as they did when he was alive and no one but Rebecca seems to think that’s weird. The whole family tiptoes around him for fear of hurting his feelings with the truth, but machines don’t have feelings. Not even those that have been uploaded with the memories of loved ones who’ve passed on.

When tempers flare at a family picnic, an unexpected truth makes its way to the surface, and no one’s more surprised than Rebecca to discover Uncle Henry isn’t the only one they’ve been keeping secrets from.

Surprise! You’re An Android will be available everywhere ebooks are sold for just $.99 on July 24, so keep an eye out for more information as it becomes available.

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