The Galactic Grid

The Moons of Vanikor “SOLD”

As those of you who follow me regularly on social media may already know, I’ve been painting a lot this year, and when I say a lot, I more or less mean every single day.

Being a lifelong fan of infinity and beyond, my inspiration has led me through many interesting experiments, but none more exciting than SPACE. Endless so far as we know, more vast than anything we can begin to fathom, all but entirely unexplored, I find myself daydreaming of places the stardust in my soul has already visited and then transferring my memories of it to canvas.

Then I hang these paintings around the house because who doesn’t want to be surrounded by the infinity of space at all times? The thing is, there is only so much wall space in my house. I’ve had a few people commission me to do spacey pieces for them since I started sharing my art, and while practicing any form of artistry always comes laden with some form of impostor syndrome or another, I decided to go ahead and put myself out there anyway. Despite my crippling anxiety and fear, I began offering my paintings for sale because in the end I will always only have so much wall space, but I will never not want to paint space.

The Pinwheel

Re-purposing my old Etsy store, I gave it a face lift, a new name, and just last week I started adding spacey paintings to my virtual shelves. I even sold one the first day to a complete and total stranger, so that felt pretty amazing. In time, there will be other universally-themed items I create available for sale in the Galactic Grid, but for now I hope you’ll head on over and check out the paintings currently for sale. If you’ve got a second, please Favorite my shop so you’ll always know when new galactic goodness is available, and don’t forget to tell your space-loving friends all about me.

You can always access The Grid from my website by clicking the The Galactic Grid link in the top toolbar beneath the header.

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