Inktober Day 2: MINDLESS

Inktober Day 2 presented something of a challenge when I started thinking about it. What was mindlessness to me, and how could I capture it artistically without words? There were plenty of obvious representations as I started thinking it through. Hollow faces missing their brains, absentminded activities, but in truth the thing I kept coming back to The Robot from the recent “Lost in Space” reboot. What is seemingly more mindless than a robot that has been programmed to carry out orders and can’t think for itself?

I tend to think of robots and artificial intelligence differently in most situations. I’m a sympathizer and don’t think of them as mindless, soulless creations. I like to imagine that somewhere between the 0s and 1s that make up their coding, there are soul strands weaving through the intelligent matrix of their designs.

I used a Tombow Mono 01 drawing penUni ball signo gel pens, and Tombow dualbrush pens to create this Mindless robot.

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