Inktober Day Three: BAIT

I have always been fascinated by angler fish, intrigued by the idea of them luring their prey into a seemingly cozy space only to gobble them up, so when I saw the prompt for today, I already knew what I wanted to try.

And, of course, since it’s me, I had to put this fish in space, which, in truth is an even more terrifying concept if I think too hard about it. Unsuspecting ships drawn toward the light and possible safe haven out there among the lonely stars only to find themselves face to face with doom.

Something with that kind of patience, playing the long game… I imagine it’d be damn near impossible to get away.

I used a Tombow Mono 01 drawing penUni ball signo gel pens, Sakura Gelly Roll pens, and Tombow dualbrush pens to create this spacey angler fish.

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