NaNoWriMo 2019: The Plot Thickens

I have no idea if this loosely plotted thing is even going to make sense once I start writing it next month, and I’m already seeing weak spots I will have to rework and delete and expand upon and throw up in the air or even in the trash, but I’m sort of enjoying figuring this out chapter by chapter. I will be really interested to see if I at least follow the basic outline I’m setting up here as I get going.

I’m up to twenty-one loosely plotted chapters in this outline, two main and four secondary characters, a haunted painting, and a town I haven’t really figured out yet, but I’m not stressing that at the moment. It’ll work itself out when it’s ready for me to know… I hope. I have twenty-one days to get this outline in tip-top shape, so it’s clear and concise and I can just start writing without fear it’ll be all over the place. At least that’s the hope anyway.

So… I posted my last screenshot when I was at fourteen chapters, and someone on Twitter told me he was pretty sure plotting your novel before November first is cheating. I don’t agree at all. I’m not using any of those words on those note cards, they will not factor into my word count, which is how you win NaNoWriMo. What are you thoughts. Is plotting the novel you want to work on before November even starts cheating, or is it just good planning?

I used to pants everything, just dive right in and start writing and hope it all came together in the end. When I look back over my finished works, I can clearly see that it wasn’t always as well-executed as it could have been, and maybe if I’d planned it might have gone better. I don’t know, it’s something new I’m trying in hopes of getting my brain back into writing. Is there anything wrong with pantsing? No! I just know my brain cannot do it anymore.

How are your NaNo plans going? Do you have any idea where you’re going to dive in on November 1, or are you just going to make a splash and start writing?

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