Inktober Day 11: Snow

I love owls, and not just because Harry Potter made them cool, but because this family friend we had when I was growing up was an owl-lover. She had owl knick-knacks around her house, art, sweaters, t-shirts, I swear she even had a pair of owl socks, which for an adult was a big hoot back in the 1980s. I haven’t seen that family friend in probably a good twenty-five years, or so, but you better believe the entire time I was drawing this owl, I thought of her with great fondness.

And you’d think maybe today’s prompt was owl, but it was actually snow, though I’m pretty sure the owl dominates this picture.

I used a Tombow Mono 01 drawing pen, Artist’s Loft Illustration pen 1.0, Uni ball signo gel pens, and Tombow dualbrush pens to draw this owl perched among the trees on a snowy night.

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