Inktober Day 14: Overgrown

I was so tired of summer this year, of being hot, that lately I keep thinking about winter landscapes, fresh snow drifts, dried out vegetation grown up around crashed ufos in the woods… So, when I saw today’s prompt, all I could think about was a crashed ship in the woods, buried deep in snow and dead vegetation. And the thing I love about art is that you think of what you want, then you bring it to life, and a lot of the time it’s similar to what you imagined when you first envisioned the concept, but generally it’s even better than your imagination gave you credit for.

I used Tombow Mono 01 and Mono 03 drawing pens, Tombow dualbrush pens, and Uniball Signo white gel pen to create this overgrown winter landscape UFO crash site.

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