Inktober Day 21: Treasure

I had some computer issues yesterday afternoon, and so I forgot to post this to the site. I’m backdating it so it shows up on the day it was meant to show up, as that was when I actually completed it.

I have to say, I have really been enjoying the challenge of Inktober. I feel like it’s put a lot of things into perspective for me, and shown me exactly what I can do if I really take my time and set my heart on something. Three weeks in, and I’ve found myself looking back over all the art I’ve created based on these prompts, and I’m really happy with everything I’ve created.

When I started thinking about the “Treasure” prompt, a million things came into my mind. Pirates, mermaids underwater with their dinglehoppers, but the one that stuck with me most was the notion of a dragon sleeping in the treasure it’d hoarded over the years. That was what I finally settled on when I sat down to begin the long process of working on this piece throughout the day.

This one was primarily done with Sakura Gelly Roll and Uni ball signo gel pens with Tombow Mono 01, 03 and 05 drawing pens for outlining and a touch of color here and there, especially the floor and walls, with Tombow dualbrush pens.

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