Flashy Friday: Ellorine’s Dancing Feet

Ellorine’s dancing feet are a curse upon all who wear them, but first that curse fell upon Ellorine, though they say it was not entirely Ellorine’s fault.

It wasn’t her fault she flirted with Mayavar’s consort at the ball, anymore than it was her fault he flirted back, and when he asked her to dance, what was she supposed to do? Turn him down?

In a rage over the humiliating slight, Mayavar cursed Ellorine’s shoes while the pair swayed cheek to cheek across the dance floor, and when the song was done Ellorine danced her way right out of the ballroom.

She danced through the city, shuffled along the streets to a tune none but her could hear, then pirouetted straight through the front door and all around the cottage. She couldn’t sit down, anymore than she could stand still long enough to take off her shoes, and though she was frustrated and exhausted by the time the next morning came, she could not stop dancing no matter how hard she tried.

Day and night, night and day, Ellorine danced and danced until the painful blisters on her feet began to burst and bleed. She danced even as her muscles cramped and spasmed, and after her bones began to break, she stumbled and shuffled and tripped and flounced because no matter the agony she could not stop dancing.

When at last Ellorine died after thirteen straight days of dancing, the blood soaked shoes were taken from her feet and given as gift to Mayavar, who left them atop her consort’s tomb, a reminder to anyone else who might think to humiliate her.

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