Editing Services

Substantive/developmental editing

$12 per 1,000 words
What is substantive editing?

Copy editing

$9 per 1,000 words
What is copy editing?

Proof editing 

$7 per 1,000 words
What is Proof editing?

Substantive x 2

$15 per 1000 words for two substantive passes. This package includes one developmental pass and a follow-up developmental pass to ensure any changes you made during your edits flow smoothly.

Substantive/Proof combination

$13 per 1000 words for substantive/proofreading combination. This package includes one developmental pass and a second pass to
proofread for spelling and minor grammar.

How do I know how much my edits will cost?
Take your word count, divide it by 1,000 and multiply by the dollar amount. For example, if your manuscript is 89,456 words long, your base number would be 89.456 (89.46). For substantive editing, you would take 89.46 and multiply by $15. Total cost for substantive editing on that project would be $1341.84.


  • A nonrefundable 50% payment deposit is required before work begins. This deposit secures your space in my calendar. Your second payment installment is due upon completion of edits. Using the established example above, the deposit for a substantive edit on an 89,456 word manuscript would be $670.92, with the remaining $670.92 due upon completion of edits.
  • Payment is in $US. I accept Paypal.


I will edit up to 1000 words for you at no charge. This provides you with a solid example of my work methods and the type of feedback I provide, allowing you to make an informed decision before hiring me. For short stories or anthology collections, please contact me to discuss sampling.

Happy Clients

When writing a book, the closer you are to your subject matter, the harder it is to get the final draft done without the right help. Jennifer Meltzer’s critical eye was essential to making our best work shine, and when we hit #1 on Amazon in our category on launch day, I knew our investment in proper proofreading had paid off handsomely.
Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, author of 101 Steps to Making Videos Like a Pro

Jennifer Melzer was the perfect editor for me. She found the strengths and weaknesses of my narrative and helped me to bridge the gap between the two. I was able to publish the novels I wanted to publish without compromising my vision. I’d recommend her to any author that is serious about putting out only top quality work.
Jake Bible, author of The Apex TrilogyZ-BurbiaMEGA: A Deep Sea Thriller and Little Dead Man.


I would love to hear more about your project. Send email to jmelzerediting[at]gmail[dot]com  (Replace the bracketed information with standard email contact symbols before sending.) In the subject of your email type EDITING INQUIRY to avoid being sifted into the spam filter.

Examples of information to include in your email:

  • genre
  • manuscript length
  • the type of editing you require
  • time frame for project completion
  • publication plans (independent or traditional)